Welcome to my blog! This is where I go to write things every 5 years or as inconsistently as possible. Stay tuned!

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  • Soul Food

    A postmortem of sorts

    Screenshot of the game. The first character is saying "The only secret to a good chicken broth is just a lot of TLC. That stands for tender, loving care."

    The final state of the game only showcased one character, which was all I had time to write for and produce art of. Because each character generally has 4 menu items with 4 ingredient items per dish, this equated to 20 food assets per character. Add one more large image for the character portraits and that’s a lot of art for each character.

  • Where Gods go to Die

    Knowing when to let your prototypes die

    Where Gods go to Die initially started off as a beginner's project for getting familiar with Unreal Engine 4. I ended up spending a lot of time reworking things over and over again. What started as a Blueprints-only project evolved into one that merged Blueprints with C++ until towards the end, I was almost exclusively writing code in C++.

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