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Game Projects

Oct 2019, Soul Food - Solo game programmer, designer, artist, writer, UI designer

  • a postmortem of the project can be found here.

Jul - Sep 2019, [Unfinished] Where Gods go to Die - Solo game programmer and designer

  • a prototype for an action RPG hack’n’slash game that never went anywhere, read more about it here.

2015, Scotland Yard - Programmer

  • implemented the game mechanics of the boardgame, Scotland Yard, in Java as part of a university class.
  • made use of a graph-based representation of the board state, using Dijkstra’s algorithm to traverse the graph.
  • worked on a simple AI using board score heuristics for move determination.

Work Experience

Jul - Aug 2017, Diffusion Kinetics Ltd., London - Internship

  • programmed Haskell bindings to the Echarts Javascript framework as part of a toolchain for data visualisation.
  • was able to pick up and learn Javascript quickly.


2015 - 2019, University of Bristol - BSc in Computer Science 2:1

  • Studied a wide range of computer science subjects, including:
    • Computer Graphics: implemented both a raytracer and a rasteriser from scratch in C++ without using external libraries.
    • Character and Set Design: recreated a real café interior in Maya, rendered shading and lighting in Arnold.
    • Web Technologies: worked on the full stack of a mock website using a Node.js server and a SQLite database.
  • Final year individual project: Passive Energy Expenditure Estimation using Anonymized Video Devices
  • Second year group project: a 6-person project for creating a food delivery iOS app where I worked on the UI/UX design and integration with different APIs.

2014 - 2015, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya, Malaysia - Cambridge GCE A Levels 4A*


Technical Skills Level
Unreal Engine 4 :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :new_moon: Intermediate+
C/C++ :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :new_moon: Comfortable
Java, Python, Haskell :full_moon: :full_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: Fair
Swift :full_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: Beginner
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: Intermediate
git :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: Intermediate
GIMP, Inkscape :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: Intermediate
Maya, Blender :full_moon: :full_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon: Fair
Creativity and visual storytelling :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :new_moon: Intermediate+
Prototyping :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :new_moon: Intermediate+

Spoken Languages:

  • Fluent in English, basic knowledge of Mandarin and Malay

Soft Skills:

  • Strong understanding of teamwork:
    • Sky Adventure Club, Taylor’s College - participated in weekly fitness and team-building exercises.
  • Good communication and community management skills:
    • Was the lead moderator of an active free company (guild) in an MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, while I was an active player.


2015, University of Bristol (Faculty of Engineering) - Received the Barry Thomas Scholarship in Computer Science

2014, Cambridge International Examinations - Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, Malaysia: Top in Malaysia for AS Level Computing.

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